OEPT Practice Test

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Welcome to the OEPT Practice Test

Before exploring this section of the OEPT Website, we recommend that you listen to the OEPT Video Orientation and Graduate Student Video Clips.

This section of the OEPT website has two important parts: the OEPT Practice Tests and the OEPT Scale.

  • The OEPT Practice Tests are identical in format to the test that you may take at Purdue, but the test you will take on campus will have different questions. There are two different practice tests on the website. You may take one or both, and you can re-take the tests as many times as you like. Taking the practice tests will prepare you for the actual OEPT. Make sure to practice responding to all of the items at least one time before you take the OEPT.
  • The OEPT Scale is a description of the score levels associated with different OEPT test takers' performances. In order to pass the OEPT, you will need to score a 50 or 55. Studying the OEPT Scale will allow you to better understand the English language abilities that you will need in order to be an effective teaching assistant at Purdue University.