OEPT Practice Test

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Welcome to the OEPT Video Orientation

This section of the OEPT Website will introduce you to Purdue University policies about teaching assistantships and the procedures that you must follow in order to obtain certification for oral English proficiency.

Purdue University policy states that all graduate students for whom English is a second language must be certified for oral English proficiency before they can be offered a teaching assistantship. If you do not have a TOEFL iBT speaking score or an IELTS speaking score that meets the University's standard for oral English proficiency, you can be certified by taking the Oral English Proficiency test (the OEPT) or by enrolling in the Oral English Proficiency Program (the OEPP).

  • The OEPT Orientation Video will introduce you to Purdue University, its policies about international teaching assistants (ITAs), and the Oral English Proficiency Test (the OEPT).
  • Graduate student video clips about Life at Purdue and Study at Purdue will introduce you to international graduate students from around the world who will share experiences they have had at Purdue. The clips are organized into different sections. The international students will comment on lifestyle, general impressions, speaking English, graduate studies, and assistantships. They also offer suggestions for a successful transition.